Bad Drivers + No Sleep = FML Day

One of my biggest pet peeves is bad drivers. They are pretty much impossible to avoid and I count my blessings when I can make it to work and home without coming across one—it’s rare.

Well, I consider bad parking … bad driving. This morning I pull into work and not only has someone taken MY spot, but parked stupid crooked.

I love this spot because it’s huge. It’s the biggest slot in the parking lot, and there is grass on one side… so the chances of getting the doors dinged is lessened by 50%.

Not only did someone park in this spot … but they parked so crooked, their front bumper was right up against the line for the next spot (which was open and my usual second choice). This person drives a TINY Prius … (Don’t even get me started, because 99% of the time, my road rage includes a Prius).

I still parked in the spot because all the others were taken and really didn’t want to go across the street into the boonies (at night it’s pretty creepy and very poorly lit). But REALLY?! How inconsiderate do you have to be? You can clearly tell you’re all ass-backward crooked and you don’t fix yourself? It takes a minute MAX (which is still stretching it) to right the car. It’s just a dick-ass-move … and I know the person and they really are a b.i.t.c.h. so it’s not surprising.

^ *Deep breath* Okay. Rant over.

I think I am even more prickly than usual because for some unknown reason I woke up at 4am and for the life of me could NOT get back to sleep. I tried all my usual tricks, and nada. Suddenly it’s a little after 6am and I finally give up. Made some breakfast, played a little World of Warcraft and sure enough, 7:50am when I am usually rolling out of bed to get ready for work… I suddenly want to sleep. Serious FML moment … ha-ha.

The sleep deprivation (got about 4 hours of sleep) hasn’t kicked in yet, but I’m sure around the midafternoon lull it will and no amount of coffee guzzling with ease it. Maybe I’ll take a late lunch and drive over to the park to reawaken my senses (or nap in the car for 45minutes).



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