Random Chapter + Book I’m Writing

Soooo I decided to share a random chapter from a book I am working on (slowly).

Just a little background before you decide to read. David is the main character’s (Zoe) best friend and there is no attraction there at all (on either side).

The main character has been trying to learn to control her magical powers (and it’s not going that smoothly). Trinity is the main character’s best friend but a normal human and so has to be kept in the dark (and this has put an odd strain on the friendship).

Especially since Trinity likes Lucas, who has been thrown into Zoe’s life as her future ‘trainer/protector’.

Okay… I hope that helps with the chapter I’m sharing. 😛 This is still ‘draft’ form, so please forgive the grammar/spelling errors.

I’d love feedback.

Chapter Fifteen

Seven whole weeks. Pain, sweat and tears. Torture, burns and laughs. Seven weeks of training and still I feel as if I know nothing about magic.

The house needs a new porch because I burned down our old one. Two windows in the back must be replaced because Lucas and David got a little too frustrated in their millionth attempt to teach me how to balance the nature around me, that we got a rock through one and a branch through another.

I think Aunt Tabs might be drinking—heavily.

On top of it all, I feel sore in places one should not feel sore—my brain, heart and soul—if mine exists. They hurts all the time, and the nosebleeds are a lot more frequent. I haven’t learned much in seven weeks, and yet I feel like I’ve been to hell and back.

The house is proof of this.

What’s worse is that the gap between Trinity and I is growing.

No longer does she sit with us at lunch, finding it too awkward to be around both David and Lucas, and since Lucas and David refuse to leave my side … yeah.

She sits with the other cheerleaders now, and barely head bobs me when we run into each other. I note the betrayal in her eyes, and I want to make it all better, but I can’t.

I can’t say a word.

I can’t defend why I am spending all my time with David and Lucas.

It doesn’t help that Lucas is always around me, even when David isn’t around, which is becoming more and more frequent. David is starting to give the reins over to Lucas, which means he’s preparing himself to let go.

I’m not though.

David is home to me. Lucas is … I don’t know what Lucas is. All our time together has made me see him in a different light, and I am mad that I enjoy his company. He takes his duties seriously, never crosses any lines, and yet I feel this magnetic pull that both of us are trying desperately to ignore.

As predicted, the explosion at school was pinned on faulty wiring. Humans are pretty gullible to believe it, but no one has mentioned the incident in two weeks.

I never see the other Watchers at school, but I feel them. I feel their stares, their curiosity about me and even some of their animosity.

I asked Aunt Tabs about that last one and got another long story about rivalry families, and how protective some Watchers are of their patron families. I guess it makes sense.

By the end of the seventh week, I am ready to give one of these rivalry families the crown.

“Zoe?” Trin’s tentative voice calls out from behind me.

“Huh?” I jolt awake.

She chuckles and I smile—how I’ve missed her laugh.

“Were you just sleeping?” She sounds amused.

I wipe the drool forming in the corner of my mouth. I look around and notice I’m still in the library. I had to threaten Lucas with castration for him to leave me alone today at lunch. I needed a breather big time.

I flush red. “I guess so. How embarrassing.” I frown.

She laughs again and it shoots right to my heart. I hate keeping stuff from her.

“I wasn’t going to bother you, but I wanted to see how you are doing. I see you got your cast removed,” she adds sadly.

I wave my cast-free arm around. “I almost feel naked now without it.”

She chuckles. “I never did get to sign it.”

“You can still sign it. I don’t know why but it’s in a box with a few other keepsakes.” I smile, feeling tense at how distant we’ve become.

She simply shrugs.

“How have you been?” I ask instead.

“Okay. I miss you though. I wish you …” she stops herself and shakes her head again. “I’ve been good. Dad promised to take me to Paris this Thanksgiving break, so I am looking forward to that.”

Trin loves everything French. “That’s awesome. I know you’ll have a great time,” I go for cheerful but it falls a little flat.

An odd silence comes over us. She fidgets with her binder and I the pen in my hand.

“Anyway. I should get going.” She starts to turn away.

“Trin, wait …” I stop her. Wait for what?

She slowly twists back to me, the same question reflected in her gaze.

I lick my dry lips and shrug awkwardly. “How about we hang out one of these days?”

Her eyes light up. “I’d love that. How about Saturday? Are you going to the Halloween dance?”

I hate my life.

I sigh heavily. “Sunday is my birthday and mom has this big out of town thing planned for me so we’re leaving early on Saturday.” It’s mostly true.

I am not panicking about that night at all—nope, not one bit. Stop lying to yourself.

She grins wide. “That’s right! Happy birthday. The big seventeen … how’d we get so old?” She laughs.

She has no idea how old I really do feel right now. “Tell me about it,” I murmur. I chew on my lip, “How about next weekend? We can do one of our old sleepovers.”

Trin beams and it’s genuine. “That’s a great idea.”

Suddenly, I feel like maybe things are going to be okay. Once she’s over Lucas, maybe we can all finally be friends.

Think of the devil and he shall appear. I sense Lucas long before he comes around the corner of the furthest stack. He catches my gaze and I shake my head quickly. He ducks behind the shelves before Trin can see who I’m shaking my head at.

She gives me an odd look, but then it’s gone. “Guess I’ll see you around school then,” she offers up.

I nod. “I hope so.”

She thankfully heads down the nearest row and disappears.

Lucas comes strolling over, hands stuffed in his pockets. “She still mad at me?”

I close my notebook, having done no homework, which I’m finally starting to get behind on with all the training after school.

“I think she’s more pissed at me than you or David,” I mutter.

“Did you catch her favorite pair of sneakers on fire too?” He teases.

Heat crawls up my neck to settle perfectly in my cheeks. I roll my eyes. “You deserved it. No one told you to stand in the way.”

He slips one hand from his pockets and points it at his chest, giving me an incredulous look. “My fault? Every way, is standing in your way.”

I throw a piece of paper at him, which he easily catches. It’s one thing I quickly learned about him the last few weeks—he has amazingly fast reflexes.

“I’ll buy you a new pair of sneakers, damn it.” I grind out.

He grins wide, showing off his dimple, his eyes shining with humor. “You can sure afford it, so buy me two pairs.”

I swing my bag over my shoulder, making sure to whack him with it in the process. “You wish.”

He rocks to the side, letting me hit him. “My apologies, your majesty.” He bows.

I growl. He’s been calling me that for the last week and it’s finally getting on my nerves. “I swear… I will force Kate to be childless!”

He instinctively moves away, semi-covering his family jewels. I smile inwardly.

“That’s just wrong. Never threaten a guy with that,” he says in mock horror.

“Well, stop making me mad, and you won’t have to worry about it.” We step out of the library, the halls full of students rushing to lockers or class.

I sense David around the corner, heading our way.

The other odd thing that has happened over the last seven weeks is the growing bond between David and Lucas.

“She just threatened my family jewels,” Lucas tattles as David approaches.

David grins, throwing his arm over my shoulder. “And that’s why I love her,” he laughs.

I laugh with him while Lucas throws on a totally bogus pout.

We all move toward our next class, weaving between the other students. David keeps his arm over my shoulder, and Lucas keeps brushing his knuckles along my own as we walk.

I don’t know why I don’t pull away or stop him. I don’t know why I allow my heart to do its double-crossing skip as butterflies throw a party in the pit of my stomach.

What I do know is that he’s promised to someone else—that it’s forbidden for us to even see each other in that way.

But, I can’t help how good it feels when he goes to squeeze my hand, as if to say he knows what I’m thinking and it’s completely okay.

We are all in serious trouble.


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