Hashtag I am a Dingus…with a Capital D

So … yeah. I had every good intention of taking super gorgeous (maybe) photos with my Nikon. Lugged it all the way up to Vermont. Got there and pulled it out to program my favorite settings and get an error. No FREAKING MEMORY CARD!

Yep. Dingus of the year award goes to *drumroll* Marcy. I’d left it in my small point-and-shoot, which I’d used last.

We were in the middle of nowhere and the nearest electronic store was about 50 minutes away (which is practically almost home LOL). So all of my photos from the weekend are from my cell phone … they aren’t the best quality, but they’re also not the total worst.

My favorite ones are actually of the drive home. It was very foggy/surreal and thankfully I was not driving because I got a few photos that I would totally print and put on my walls if I’d taken with the Nikon (don’t think they’ll look as good blown up from a cell phone shot). But yeah … I’m posting those first because I really loved them. The rest are mostly from Saturday.

We went up to Stratton Mountain Resort. There were SO many people. I have never really been to a ski resort before but even my friends who go often said it was more packed than usual (The weather was in the 40s but they had a lot of snow from the week before so it was perfect conditions). While Erica, Vince and Erik went to ski/snowboard, Trisha, Nelson and I went tubing (which was our first time—yes, we have been deprived). It was a LOT of fun.

That night we played Cards Against Humanity which was a lot of laughs. Whoever won the round, had to take a shot, so we were pretty buzzed (Jen, who is Erica’s best friend came so I just ‘met her’—was totally blitzed with a couple of others LOL).

Sunday we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast and then we hung out for about an hour and left around noon.

It was a great weekend. We talked a LOT, no one was on their phone/laptops/computers, etc. We really just communicated, had laughs, drank, ate great food, played and it was fantastic. I definitely need more weekends like this in my life.


Couldn’t believe I caught someone out on the ice!

20170122_124138 20170122_124153

This was Friday night’s dinner. We got there about 9PM and had dinner, hung out / drank until about midnight (had to be up at 7am LOL). IMG_20170120_223404_072

Saturday morning onward 😛 (View from the room I slept in).

View from the room Trisha/Nelson slept in (can see my baby in the bottom right pane :P)

20170121_07270220170121_090857 20170121_09203220170121_095418 20170121_09544820170121_100647 20170121_100751

Forgot to mention there was a small village of shops, which we did in the morning. I bought a cute mug/magnet (which Ill photograph later lol).20170121_102352 20170121_103858


Lunch was simple lol (That’s Erik across from me/Vince next to him. The rest were to my right). 20170121_113232

Spot for the Tubing lol

My brother Nelson & Trisha (the about-to-be-married) 20170121_125528

20170121_132528 20170121_134052


Tried this wine for the first time and it was really good. IMG_20170121_173615_370

We lounged around for a bit after dinner/before playing Cards Against Humanity.

Dinner was homemade beef stew and garlic bread, which was delicious. IMG_20170121_191259_342


Our ‘shots’ LOL20170121_212211


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