About The Writer

myprofilepic3Thirty-something that can some days feel ten and others eighty. Living on the East Coast. Trying to make it through the every day that is life. Recently lost my father (6/9/16) and that’s my main reason being here—making my way through these thoughts and feelings as I struggle to move on without his bright soul. I will write about other things like work, friends, things I do (or don’t), my writing and basically anything under the sun.
I enjoy a lot of things when I’m not wallowing in my own mental prison. Two of my favorite passions that I hope to get back into is photography and writing. I love paranormal fantasy and have written (never published) two books. I’m hoping to work on a new one that I can dedicate to my dad but things aren’t happening right now. I love to hike through nature and get lost. I love to sleep in and stay up all night. I love video games and am currently obsessed with World of Warcraft. I love to sing in the car at the top of my lungs (usually alone). I love to drive around aimlessly, lost in thought. I love to watch sunsets and sunrises. I love to help people if I can. I love to do arts and crafts when I’m feeling creative. I love to lie outside and count the stars. History thrills me and I read up on ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and the world just for fun. I love birds, elephants, pandas, sheep and doggies (I like all other animals). I love to listen to music, but don’t ask me who my favorite artists are because I just love all music and don’t care who sings/writes it. I love listening to thunderstorms and watching lightning crash. I love to feel the wind on my face, sand in my hair and smell the ocean. I love rollercoasters even though I’m afraid of heights. Most importantly of all, I love my family and friends so very much.

I dislike people who hate someone for no good reason. I dislike people who act like their shit don’t stink. I dislike people who feel the world revolves around them. I dislike people who purposefully enjoy hurting others (and yes, I’ve come across plenty to know they exist). I dislike people who don’t reciprocate. I dislike people who don’t say “Thank you, please and sorry,” when appropriate. I dislike how self-absorbed and soulless humanity is becoming. I dislike that everyone hates Americans –like we’re to be judged for our leaders or idiots’ decisions. I dislike that I have so many things on this list that I dislike.

I do watch a lot of television (mostly on Netflix or Hulu). Some of my favorite shows are (and not limited to): Sherlock (BBC), Elementary, BONES, Blindspot, Lucifer, Constantine (mad it was cancelled), Gilmore Girls, Friends, Family Guy, American Dad, New Girl, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Longmire, X-Files, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, Shannara Chronicles, Arrow, iZombie, Dark Matter, Lost Girl, Firefly, Star Trek: Next Generation, Stargate: Atlantis, Grace & Frankie, Helix, The Killing, Continuum, The Fall, Haven, etc.