#Warcraft Legion Burnout

I think World of Warcraft Legion was great in concept, but when it comes down to it, awful for people who love alts.

As someone who is an alt-whore, I am burned out beyond belief. After leveling up the artifact for ONE (and not my main—I always do an alt first to get a feel for things, then plow through on my main) … I am exhausted and I haven’t even fully completed that first toon’s ‘everything’.

I have been working on my actual main now. I finally hit 110 the other day, and in less than a week I feel pretty worn out between the two… and that IS with the boost for artifact power that they have given us with the latest patch.

That, and while many have already gotten 2 and even 3 legendary items, as someone who has ZERO luck when it comes to drops, I have gotten nada on my characters (and I have played my first consistently since October). I play quite a bit. Most nights for six to nine hours and every three weekends.

I know they were trying to give people a lot to do, so no one would complain a year in about having nothing to do (as with WOD), but I feel like they missed the mark yet again by going too far in the opposite direction (balance is key). I feel so overwhelmed that just the thought of logging in and working on my second (but main) character, has me slightly anxious.

That, and add the fact that I would LIKE to level my other alts … I can’t even fathom doing that right now… which makes this expansion very unfriendly to alt-lovers (in my opinion). This might have been something they were aiming to do, I don’t know.

I do know that my one friend who typically has 2-3 max-geared alts for raiding (he gets on whichever character might be needed for that night to raid), has found this very burdensome and their guild has had to find many replacements/add-on raiders that might not raid each time they do, but ‘cover’ when their class/spec is needed.

Not everyone enjoys raiding like that, especially guilds that are already small. I have read of a few big guilds giving up on raiding this expansion (and perhaps for good), because their core members are just finding it too difficult to be the best of the best with all that is required to get there per character.

If I were someone who focused solely on a single one and that was it, this expansion might be a dream for me. So this is just one side of the coin as to why I am not really feeling this expansion. It just doesn’t make me want to rush online and play my six toons all at once (which other expansions have).

And don’t even get me started on professions. As someone who both enjoys them and enjoys making gold from them, I have felt so very frustrated/angry with how professions are done in Legion. My engineering is stuck at 780 and mining at 785 (which I plan to slowly get to 800 with Darkmoon Faire, because I feel stuck and have no idea how to have it hit max)… the same is true of my main character’s herbalism and Inscription (which has pretty much become the most pointless profession—I actually miss glyphs and deciding which boost is best, etc!). It makes me very blasé about trying to even bother with maxing professions on alts (which I kind of don’t even want to lvl at this point because of reasons above).

Also, I think the community as a whole is dying. Before, guilds were VERY important. It built community and friendships and while games always have their trolls/dicks … I think now it’s like a virus and has just spread.

Most people don’t care why you are looking for a group. They just want their gear or their achievement and have no problems being a dick about it. If your group doesn’t work out? No biggie, we’ll just randomly find another group, abandoning the first, and so continues the mission until you spend three full nights on a raid boss or mythic because people keep coming/going and no one sticks it out OR you have to have an ilvl of 950, and every achievement in the book, to get into a DECENT raid/Dungeon group … and it’s just elitist ridiculousness.

I miss when guilds were integral to the game and people joined to be HELPFUL, to LEARN and to GROW friendships/community. I honestly feel like this has been the biggest killer of WoW … the people that play are just so toxic that one can’t help but WANT to play alone.

Anyway! In a nutshell, what I am saying, is that as a huge ALT-lover … this expansion is just not very fun for me. I feel very anxious just thinking about getting on my TWO characters, never mind the other four, and doing the grind on each and every single one of them. The ‘core’ of what made this game is dying, and it really is sad to see; the people, the community, and playing multiple classes in a single expansion (experiencing each of their timelines, stories, etc.).