World of Warcraft

Finally hit 110 on my paladin today. She is my second 110 in Legion. Took me a while because I leveled her from 1 – 110 with no BOA’s. It was fun though and I managed to complete a lot of the zones I need for Loremaster. So, two birds – one stone.

One of the things I love about my paladin, is her class hall. I have played a shaman, a hunter, and a monk and so far, paladin’s class hall is definitely my favoite. Here are just a couple of pictures.


Once I hit 110, and now that patch 7.2 is out, Khadgar¬†gave me a quest for a scenario to unlock the new isle, Broken Shore. I have to admit, the scenes were crisp and even beautiful, but the alien invasion feel to it made me mentall go, ‘really?’. It felt like that scene in Avengers and shit is about to hit the fan that would become the Battle of New York. All the big ships come in and hover around and I swear these suckers kinda look like them.

But was an an easy enough solo scenario and it unlocked the isle for me. It’s pretty much like Tanaan Jungle from Warlords of Draenor and Timeless Isle from Pandaria, so I am only doing world quests until I am exalted, because gear I am sure will be worthless. We’ll see.

Here are a handful of screenshots from the scenario’s opening sequence. Really loved how Dalaran looked in the light before the ‘darkness’ came. It was a decent cinematic.

I dont know whether to be sad or content, but in one night I signifcantly brought up my iLvl. Granted I purchased two pieces of gear, but four of my other drops ugraded to warforged … insanity.