Muse vs. Reality

I find the constant battle between my muse and reality painful. Today is one of those days where I really want to write. My muse is sitting in this dark corner in the back of my mind wanting out, but the reality is I can’t seem to put two words together that make any sense at the moment, even with all of these ideas floating around.

I have begun about four different types of books over the last three months, and I just cannot stick to one. I cannot focus. I am gung-ho one second for this YA book, but then my mind drifts and I decide to go a totally different route and begin something new, only to drop that one a few weeks/chapters in.

My brain just cannot FOCUS. I don’t know how to weigh it down and bring out the muse, have her stay in control and see something through to the end.

What’s sad is that I have a total of about twenty unfinished books sitting around on different computers, and between all of them it could probably be enough for three whole books … sigh.

It’s not that I do not love my characters. I love them. There are many that really stick to my mind, even now, and it’s been months that I’ve visited them in my works. I just … I don’t know. This is one of the biggest reasons I could never be a professional author. I am way too flippy-floppy and my mind is all over the place with ideas and it’s like I have imagination/writer’s ADD. Ugh.

How do you stay focused? What keeps you on track and moving forward on a single project?